On the way to international scientific community!
Dear friends!

Hopefully, you are one of the authors who have experience of publishing in this journal or probably you are about to pass through all the stages of this difficult, responsible and fascinating process. Abiding the principle of academic honesty, we guarantee equal considerate attitude to the manuscripts of internationally recognized scientists as well as authors taking first steps in science. All publications are subject to obligatory double blind peer review by the specialists in the relevant field and subsequently they have been recommended to be published. One of the key features of working with authors of the articles is establishing of trustworthy and responsible relationships, based on mutual respect, responsibility in developing of scientific medical information and actual implementation in the healthcare practice of evidence-based medicine achievements.
            New publication year started with good rates, we have something be proud of.
            At present day, the journal is among the list of publications recommend by the Committee control in the field of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Order №133 dated 05.07.2013). It is on the first place by citation to the value of impact factor – 0,161 according to the Kazakhstan Citing base among domestic medical editions, included to the list of CCES. The journal’s 2-year impact factor has increased from 0, 318 to 0, 683 according to the data of Russian index of scientific citation, and 5-year impact factor is 0,037 (by the main body of RSCI without self-citation). 10-year Hircsh index has grown from 6 to 9.
            The journal is included in the all-union institute of scientific and technical information of Russian Academy of science within the project “Journal promotion to the world rated database” and six issues of the journal have already been published on the pages of e-catalogue of scientific technical literature.
            The journal continues to be indexed in 12 scientometrical and specific databases such as: Ulrich Periodicals Directory, CAB Abstracts, Global Health, Info Base Index, Directory of Research Journals Indexing, Russian Scientific Citation Index (RSCI), ), E-library.ru, Cyberleninka.ru, NSD (Norwegian register for scientific journals), Kazakh National Center Citation Base of state scientific inspection, Republican inter-university electronic library, it is under consideration of other international databases.
            We continue working towards the visibility and accessibility of the journal on the website http://newjournal.ssmu.kz where you can get all the necessary information about its author (s), get acquainted with the summary and full content of the article in pdf format and download all the necessary information, in addition, you may send an enquiry and an article in electronic form. Currently archive-filling work is in progress.
               Editorial Board consists of domestic and foreign scholars, whose names are well known both in our state and far beyond its borders, having merits in the field of medicine, biology, ecology, medical biophysics and biostatistics. We hope for continuation of joint fruitful work on improvement of quality of articles in journal promotion to the recognized scientometrical bases, as long as their recognition and assessment will lead to further transparency and growth of scientific value.
               The very first issue of the journal within strategic partnership contains articles by Cemil Kavalci co-authored with Turkish colleagues from Baskent University. Co-authors of the articles are representatives from different countries like Japan (Scientific Research Institute of radiation biology medicine, Hiroshima), Finland (University of Applied Sciences Jyvaskyla city), Russia (Northern State Medical University, Arkhangelsk, M.K. Ammosov North-Western federal university, Yakutsk). Being domestic national journal, we are free to collaborate with authors from both near and far abroad.
               Increase in the number of articles, will undoubtedly give transparency for the world community, and serious studies, done by the colleagues, will not remain unattended to the scientific world.
            However, there is no room for complacency. We would encourage you, our authors and readers, to take a more active approach, describe and send to the editors articles, which contain results of original studies, literary reviews and clinic occasions of description of rare diseases and unique clinical displays, short reports and reports on the conferences regarding wide range of issues regarding medical education, clinical medicine and public health. Owing to you, we shall keep maintaining high scientific level of the journal.
            Editorial Board is always at your disposal to accept your comments and suggestions. Critical remarks and kindly advice will be taken into account when preparing upcoming issues of the magazine, as long as
work on improving the quality of publications is impossible without an active dialogue with authors and readers.
            Congratulations on new publication year, we express our deepest gratitude and appreciation for collaboration!