1. All articles submitted to the journal go through a thorough double blind peer-review.
  2. The Executive Secretary of the Journal notifies the corresponding author about the receipt of the article within 5 working days.
  3. The Editor-in-Chief in cooperation with the Editorial Board assigns two reviewers for each manuscript
  4. The Executive Secretary of the Journal submits the manuscript the reviewers within 3 working days after the reviewers have been assigned.
  5. The first reviewer is an expert in the field that correlates with the topic of the submitted manuscript
  6. The second reviewer is assigned to evaluate research methodology and particularly the statistical analysis
  7. The reviewers submit written evaluation of the manuscript to the Executive Secretary of the Journal within 4 weeks.
  8. The following conclusions are expected from the reviewers: “Accept for publication in the present form”, “Accept for publication after minor revision” or “Major revision is required with subsequent re-assessment by the same reviewers”, “Reject”.
  9. The Executive Secretary informs the authors about the results of the peer review process.
  10. If the manuscript is rejected, the Executive Secretary provides a letter to the corresponding author with the reasons for refusal of the manuscript.
  11. Articles not recommended for publication by reviewers are not accepted for re-consideration.
  12. The Editorial Board makes the final decision on acceptance of each manuscript at monthly meetings.
  13. The Editorial Board reserves the right to reject articles that do comply to the Uniform Requirements for manuscripts.
  14. The Executive Secretary informs the author about the Editorial Board decision.
  15. The Editorial Board reserves the right to edit manuscripts without changing the content.  
  16. All copies of both the manuscripts and peer reviews are stored in the Editorial Office.