The Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 10 June, 1996 No 6 "On copyright and the related rights".

Responsibility and liabilities of the authors

Authors of the articles about original study must provide consistent results of performed work, as well as substantiate significance of the study. Underlying data must be correct. The article must contain sufficient details and links for possible reproduction. False allegations are perceived as improper conduct.   

Reviews and scientific articles must also be accurate and objective.

Authors must be sure that submitted work is original. When using materials of other authors, appropriate bibliographic references must be provided. Claiming someone’s paper as own one, copying or rephrasing (without indication of an author), staking out own rights for the outcomes of someone’s studies are perceived as improper conduct.

It is restricted to submit an article as original to the journal, if the same has already been published in another one.   .

It is allowed to publish such specific articles as clinical recommendations or translated ones in more than one journal if some conditions are met. Authors and editors of concerned parties need to agree to republish the article subject to it contains the same data and interpretation as it was published earlier.

Reference list of the first work must be provided in the second one. More information about republications is available on

It is necessary to recognize the contribution of other persons. Authors must make reference to publications, which possess a value for submitted paper. Data obtained privately (during the conversation or discussion with third parties) must not be used or submitted without written consent of the original source.

Only persons who made significant contribution to the paper, it development or interpretation, can be accepted as co-authors. When participants of the study made significant contribution in specific field, they must be indicated as the persons who made significant contribution to this study.

Before submitting an article, authors must make sure that all co-authors have seen and approved the final version of the paper.

If it is planned to use chemical products, hazardous or dangerous equipment during the work, it must be noted in the manuscript.

If it is planned to use animals or people as study subject, authors must note it in the manuscript and make sure that all stages of the study conform to legislation and normative documents of research organizations, as well as approved by the competent committees. It must be noted in the manuscript that people who are study objects gave the written consent to participate in the study.

All authors are obliged to disclose all financial or other existing conflicts of interest which may be perceived as affected the outcomes or conclusions presented in the work.

Conflicts of interest may include hired labor, consulting services, equity assets, receipt of fees, expert evidence support, patent application or patent registration, grants and other financial support. Potential conflicts of interest must be disclosed as soon as possible.   

If there are significant errors or discrepancies in the publication, the author must inform the editorial board about it as soon as possible to take away the publication or correct the errors.