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Dear friends!

It is with great pleasure that I extend a warm welcome to you on the webpages of the esteemed peer-reviewed medical scientific and practical journal, "Science and Healthcare".

I trust this message finds you well, and that you may be counted among those distinguished authors who have previously contributed to our journal. For those of you who are yet to embark on the various stages of this challenging, responsible, and profoundly engaging process, I extend a special welcome. In adherence to the fundamental tenet of academic integrity, we assure an impartial and meticulous evaluation of manuscripts, extending equal consideration to submissions from both renowned global scholars and those who are taking their inaugural steps in the realm of scientific discourse. Each article undergoes a mandatory double-blind peer review conducted by experts within the relevant field, ensuring a rigorous scrutiny before being deemed fit for publication. Central to our collaboration with authors is the cultivation of trustworthy and responsible relationships founded on principles of mutual respect, accountability in the dissemination of scientific and medical knowledge, and the effective incorporation of evidence-based achievements in medicine into practical healthcare applications.

The inaugural period of the journal's new publication year has commenced with commendable achievements, evoking a sense of pride within our scholarly community.

The journal is included in the List of  publications recommended by the Committee for Quality Assurance in the Field of Science and Higher Education of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the publication of the main results of scientific activity (Order from 29.03.2021 №303).

Moreover, the impact factor of the journal "Science and Healthcare," calculated based on Kazakhstan base citations for the year 2020, stands at an appreciable value of 0.089. This metric underscores the journal's influence and significance within the academic landscape, reflecting the scholarly contributions it has made to the scientific community.

As per the data reported by the Russian Science Citation Index on January 15, 2024, within the cohort of 56 Kazakhstan medical journals integrated into this database, the peer-reviewed scientific and practical medical journal "Science and Healthcare" continues to assert its preeminence by securing the topmost position—1st place, accompanied by a noteworthy Impact Factor of 0.288. An analysis of our journal's prolific contributions, evidenced by 1131 publications housed in the e-Library, reveals an impressive citation frequency of 1703 instances. Furthermore, in the overarching evaluation conducted by the Science Index of the RSCI in the thematic domain of "Medicine and Health Care," our journal has exhibited remarkable progress. The journal's rating surged from 0.545 to 3.475, propelling it to the 51st position in the overall ranking.

The ten-year Hirsch index for three years is 18.

The analysis of the journal's publication activity can be found at the link:

As part of the Project “Promotion of the Journal into Ranking World Cited Databases”, the journal is invited to undergo examination by EBSCO for inclusion in the research database.

The journal continues to be indexed in 15 scientometric and specialized databases such as: Ulrich Periodicals Directory, CAB Abstracts, Global Health, Info Base Index, Directory of Research Journals Indexing, Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI),, , Index Copernicus (ICI World of Journals), NSD (Norwegian register for scientific journals), All-Union Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of the Russian Academy of Sciences (VINITI RAS) (Electronic catalog of scientific and technical literature), CONEM Association, Russian Agency for Digital Standardization (RADS) ), Data Base Indexing, Kazakhstan Citation Base of the National Center for State Scientific and Technical Expertise (KazBC), Republican Interuniversity Electronic Library, and is also under consideration in a number of other international databases.

We continue to work to ensure its visibility and accessibility on the journal’s website, where you can get all the necessary information about the author(s), read the summary and full text of the article in .pdf format and download the necessary information, as well as send a request and article in electronic form. Currently, work is underway to fill the archive.

The composition of the editorial board is represented by native and foreign scientists, whose names are well known both in our country and far beyond its borders, with merits in the field of medicine, biology, ecology, medical biophysics and biostatistics. We hope to continue productive joint work to improve the quality of articles in promoting the journal into scientometric rating databases, since their recognition and evaluation will strengthen our performance in the global space, which will contribute to the further openness of the journal and the growth of scientific value.

The geography of authors and co-authors is represented by such countries as: Japan, Turkey, Germany, France, USA, Serbia, Belarus, Ukraine, Israel, Norway, Finland, Spain, Italy, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Lithuania, Korea, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, etc.

An increase in the number of articles in English will undoubtedly make the journal open to the world community, and serious research conducted by colleagues will not go unnoticed in the scientific world.

But we are not going to stop at the achieved results. We ask you, our authors and readers, to take a more active position by describing and sending to the editor articles containing the results of original research, literature reviews and clinical cases describing rare diseases and unique clinical manifestations, short communications and conference reports on a wide range of issues, related to medical education, clinical medicine and public health. Thanks to you, we will continue to maintain the high scientific level of the journal.

The Editorial Board of the journal is always open to comments and suggestions. Critical comments and friendly advice will be taken into account in the preparation of future issues, because work to improve the quality of publications is impossible without an active dialogue with authors and readers.

Congratulations on the new publishing year, we express our sincere gratitude and thank you for your cooperation!