Drug toxicoderma most often manifests itself as a result of prolonged administration of the drug and is a variant of the drug disease. The described clinical case demonstrates a drug toxic reaction to a cephalosporin antibiotic. Shows the severity of the disease, the dynamics of the increase in symptoms, the course of the clinical picture. In recent decades, the widespread and widespread use of various groups of drugs has led to a high prevalence of drug toxidermia in children of different ages. This problem is especially relevant at the present time, when the pharmaceutical market is dominated by a wide and affordable choice of various drugs, including antibacterial ones. The data presented in the article will be useful to pediatricians, allergists and general practitioners.
Laura M. Akhmetova1, Khurmetbek T. Tokhtar1, Kambar D. Stybaev1 1 STE on the REM «Center for Children's Emergency Medical Care", Almaty, the Republic of Kazakhstan
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Akhmetova L.M., Tokhtar Kh.T., Stybaev K.D. Acute drug toxicodermia in young child. Clinical case // Nauka i Zdravookhranenie [Science & Healthcare]. 2022, (Vol.24) 6, pp. 294-297. doi 10.34689/SH.2022.24.6.035

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