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Relevance: Chorioncarcinoma is a rare malignant trophoblastic tumor that has an aggressive course, progresses rapidly and metastases early, unfortunately, it is diagnosed late. Chorioncarcinoma is often an accidental finding, limited to the placenta, with no signs of spreading to the mother or child's body, but sometimes it is diagnosed late and in the presence of multiple metastases. Aim. is to familiarize with the features of the morphological diagnosis of chorioncarcinoma. Methods: The article describes a clinical case of a patient with chorioncarcinoma of the uterus. The data of a pathomorphological study are presented. Results: This clinical case demonstrates that when a proliferating trophoblast without chorial villi is detected 2-3 months later or later after childbirth or abortion, it is necessary to take into account the possibility of a malignant tumor of the trophoblast, which requires caution during histological examination of surgical biopsy material. Conclusion: Although the frequency of postpartum choriocarcinoma is extremely low, for early diagnosis of postpartum choriocarcinoma and improvement of prognosis, a thorough postpartum histological examination of the placenta and monitoring of the level of beta-human chorionic gonadotropin in the blood of pregnant women and high-risk women is necessary.
Maida M. Tussupbekova1, Leila M. Stabayeva1, Gulnazira N. Imanbayeva1, Raikhan Zh. Nygyzbayeva1, Sabina S. Abieva1, NCJSC «Karaganda Medical University», Department of Pathology, Karaganda c., the Republic of Kazakhstan.
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Tussupbekova M.M., Stabayeva L.M., Imanbayeva G.N., Nygyzbayeva R.Zh., Abieva S.S. Morphological substantiation of a trophoblastic tumor // Nauka i Zdravookhranenie [Science & Healthcare]. 2023, (Vol.25) 4, pp. 282-286. doi 10.34689/SH.2023.25.4.035

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