Backround: radiation therapy is of great importance in the treatment of cervical cancer, and, if this is the generally accepted method of treating cervical cancer. The effectiveness of radiation therapy is enhanced thanks to brachytherapy, which reduces the costs of physical and intellectual impact on the surrounding healthy organs and tissues. Objective: to assess acute hematological and general toxicity in 3D-visualized brachytherapy for locally advanced cervical cancer. Materials and methods: research within the framework of grant funding for research projects for 2018-2020. The object of the study was 12 women with squamous cell carcinoma of the cervix IIB and IIIB stages, who underwent complex chemoradiotherapy using 3D-image–guided brachytherapy. The study of toxic effects of treatment was carried out in accordance with the criterion of toxicity criteria for the oncological group of radiation therapy (RTOG) and the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) and the US National Cancer Institute (common terminological criteria for adverse events v3.0-CTCAE V3.0). Results: The development of anemia, leukopenia and thrombocytopenia, which are amenable to correction, were observed in 3 (25.0%), 4 (33.3%) and 2 (16.7%) women in the main group, respectively, whereas in the control group they were diagnosed in 7 (29.2%), 8 (33.3%) and 4 (16.7%). Gastrointestinal manifestations occurred in both groups in 15.0% of women. The development of rectitis and cystitis of the II degree in the studied group occurred in 2 (16.7%) and 1 (8.3%) cases, respectively, whereas in the control group - in 10 (41.6%) and 7 (29.2%) ) cases, while 2 (8.4%) women developed grade III rectitis, and 1 (4.2%) patients had grade III cystitis. Conclusions: a preliminary assessment of the manifestations of acute toxicity showed that hematologic toxicity and the development of gastrointestinal side effects were equally common in the studied groups, but the 3D method of brachytherapy control showed an advantage compared to the standard radiotherapy regimen in assessing the manifestations of acute toxicity on the part of risk organs.
Olga B. Andreyeva 1, Tasbolat A. Adylkhanov 1, Marat N. Sandybayev 2, Ainur S. Bayssalbayeva 1, Almagul S. Zhabagina 1, Kasym Z. Kanapiyanov 2, Kuantkan T. Zhabagin 1 1 Depertment Clinical and Radiation Oncology, Semey State Medical University; 2 Center of Nuclear Medicine and Oncology of Semey; Semey, Republic of Kazakhstan
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