Introduction. Patients who have suffered pneumonia caused by COVID-19, after discharge from the hospital and return to normal life, face violations of the function of external respiration, limitations of physical performance, social and psycho-emotional functioning. The importance of rehabilitation during COVID-19 has been emphasized by the World Health Organization, the main purpose of which is to improve respiratory symptoms, preserve functions and reduce complications, as well as prevent disability. The aim of our study is to evaluate the effectiveness of rehabilitation measures in those patients who have undergone COVID-19. Materials and methods. A descriptive retrospective study. The case histories of patients who have passed all stages of rehabilitation after COVID-19 for one year in 3 organizations of the city of Almaty have been studied. The study included patients who had completed three full stages of rehabilitation. Of all 150 people, only 55 have passed the 3rd stage of medical rehabilitation. The recovery program after COVID-19 was developed individually. The rehabilitation plan included physical therapy, kinesiotherapy, massage, physiotherapy, mechanotherapy, psychological correction. The effectiveness of rehabilitation measures was assessed on the basis of specific scales and functional tests. Results. The indicator of the rehabilitation routing scale in patients who underwent COVID-19 after a course of rehabilitation significantly increased. According to the modified MRC dyspnea scale, an average degree of 2 points was determined in all 55 patients, after the course it turned into a mild degree of 1 point. According to the functional test of a six-minute walk, functional class II was determined in all patients before rehabilitation, after class I. Before rehabilitation, the Barthel Index was determined at an average of 75 points, after 90 points. The Saturation Index before the courses was determined at an average of 90 percent, after 97 percent. Conclusion. All indicators increased statistically significantly after, which confirms the effectiveness of passing all stages of medical rehabilitation for patients who have undergone COVID-19.
Ayaulym S. Skakova1, Lyazzat K. Kosherbayeva1, Akmaral Zh. Zharimbetova2, Anuar D. Akhmetzhan3, Larisa N. Yarovaya2, Oxana A. Yurkovskaya4, Yerbol M. Smail4, Altynay M. Dosbayeva4, Zhanar M. Zhumanbayeva4, 1 NCJSC «Al-Farabi Kazakh National University», Almaty c., Republic of Kazakhstan; 2 City Polyclinic №7 of Almaty, Almaty c., Republic of Kazakhstan; 3 NCJSC «Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University», Almaty c., Republic of Kazakhstan; 4 NCJSC “Semey medical university”, Semey с., Republic of Kazakhstan.
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Skakova A.S., Kosherbayeva L.K., Zharimbetova A.Zh., Akhmetzhan A.D., Yarovaya L.N., Yurkovskaya O.A., Smail Ye.M., Dosbayeva A.M., Zhumanbayeva Zh.M. Rehabilitation of patients who have undergone COVID-19 // Nauka i Zdravookhranenie [Science & Healthcare]. 2023, (Vol.25) 2, pp. 30-34. doi 10.34689/SH.2023.25.2.004

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