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During the last century asthma occasionally observed in clinical disease has become one of the most common, representing a serious threat to the health of humanity as a whole. The aim of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness of the asthma management algorithm. The study was conducted on the basis of patients at pulmonary department of the regional clinical hospital, Shymkent. The study group included 80 patients with bronchial asthma uncontrolled course, randomly selected. All statistical analysis procedures were performed using SPSS 20 and the SAS software. B during the analysis of all collected to monitor the effectiveness of the intervention indicators were obtained statistically significant differences in the groups. This fact indicates the presence of the clinical effectiveness of pilot implementation (training in asthma-school and issuance of personal peak flow meters) in the management of asthma in the outpatient and inpatient levels.

G. Z. Abdushukurova

 International Kazakh - Turkish University named after H.A.Yassawe, Turkestan, Kazakhstan

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Абдушукурова Г. З. Рандомизированное клиническое испытание алгоритма менеджмента бронхиальной астмы / / Наука и Здравоохранение. 2015. № 5. С. 90-94.

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