Introduction. Urethral stricture and sclerosis of the bladder neck are the most common urological pathologies in men in various countries. The main cause of strictures is urethral fibrosis due to sexually transmitted infections, pelvic injuries, and surgical interventions. The aim is to study the contribution of various risk factors to the development of urethral strictures and bladder sclerosis in patients undergoing surgery for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Materials and methods. We conducted a retrospective epidemiological study of the prevalence of late complications of surgical intervention with calculation of odds ratio for each risk factors on a continuous sample of operated patients for three years, from 2019 to 2021 (total 702 people). The critical level for significance of differences in groups was accepted as p<0.05. All statistical analysis procedures were performed using SPSS 20. Results. Urethral strictures and bladder neck sclerosis occurred in the postoperative period in 4.9% of patients. The main risk factors with a statistically significant level were the emergency type of hospitalization (OR=0.015, p=0.006), the presence of infectious inflammation before surgery (OR=0.624, p=0.042) and the amount of residual urine before surgery (OR=1.014, p= 0.022). High OR rates were also typical for transurethral resection of prostate (TURP), overweight and obesity, diabetes mellitus, and disease duration of more than a year. Conclusion. When planning and performing surgical intervention for BPH, as well as when managing the patient in the postoperative period, it is necessary to take into account risk factors for the development of urethral strictures and sclerosis of the bladder neck in order to develop and implement preventive measures.
Yerbol М. Kairambayev1, Vladimir A. Sidekhmenov2, Assylbek C. Mailybayev3, Tolkyn А. Bulegenov1, Alexander I. Neimark4, Almira K. Akhmetova1, Zhanar M. Urazalina1, Maksim R. Pivin1, Lyudmila M. Pivina1, 1 NCJSC “Semey Medical University”, Semey, Republic of Kazakhstan; 2 Semey Kidney Сenter, Semey, Republic of Kazakhstan; 3 Medical Center of the NCJSC “Semey Medical University”, Semey, Republic of Kazakhstan; 4 Altay State Medical University, Barnaul, Russian Federation.
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Kairambayev Ye.М., Sidekhmenov V.A., Mailybayev A.C., Bulegenov T.А., Neimark A.I., Akhmetova A.K. Urazalina Zh.M., Pivin M.R., Pivina L.M. Assessment of risk factors for development of urethral strictures and bladder neck sclerosis in patients who have underwent surgery for benign prostate hyperplasia // Nauka i Zdravookhranenie [Science & Healthcare]. 2023, (Vol.25) 6, pp. 91-96. doi 10.34689/SH.2023.25.6.010

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